Jake O.


I am from Chicago, Illinois and have been tutoring for over six years. I earned my Bachelor’s degree with honors from Wesleyan University, where I studied in the College of Letters, an interdisciplinary program that explores literature, history, and philosophy. I also earned a Minor in Quantitative Analysis and a Writing Certificate. When not tutoring, I work as a freelance writer and filmmaker and served as an Associate Producer for the documentary Oliver Sacks: His Own Life as well as the upcoming episode of Ric Burns’ Emmy-award winning New York series.


I have had the privilege of teaching students of all ages in a wide range of unique environments. At Wesleyan University, I served as a Writing Mentor for freshmen, helping them adapt to college-level writing. I was a Teaching Assistant with the Wesleyan Center for Prison Education, working directly with incarcerated students inside prisons to help them achieve personal transformation through education. I was also selected by critically-acclaimed author and show-runner Amy Bloom to be the Teaching Assistant for her Advanced Television Writing Workshop. Since graduating, I have tutored many students in elementary, middle, and high school across Los Angeles and also served as a homeschool teacher, teaching the whole LAUSD curriculum and other supplementary programs to elementary school students. My main specialties are test prep for the ISEE, ACT, and SAT exams, as well as writing at any level. I also have a strong background in history, economics, and audiovisual production.


I take a holistic approach, recognizing that each student has their own specific strengths and needs. My goal is to make learning as fun and engaging as possible. I employ my patience, positive attitude, and sense of humor to ensure that his students find purpose and joy in their studies.

Jake O.