The New, Improved College Board Accommodations Approval Process


For students with disabilities, applying for and receiving accommodations for College Board exams (including the PSAT, SAT, and AP tests) has been a daunting task–sometimes more daunting than actually taking the tests! Parents and school administrators often had to submit extensive documentation, and even then sometimes the request was denied and would have to be […]

Prepping for Video Essays and Long-Distance Interviews

This guest post is provided by our friend Stacy Blackman.

Prepping for Video Essays and Long-Distance Interviews

An increasing number of MBA programs are making use of online video-interview platforms, where you must record responses to one or more short-answer prompts before your application is considered complete. Why do schools add this extra step? The inclusion comes […]

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Understanding Your PSAT Score Report


With the recent release of PSAT/NMSQT score reports, many students are asking the same question: Did I get a good score? This is often followed by turning to one’s friends and asking the inevitable next question: What score did you get?

Before you either announce your score to the world or bow your head in shame, […]

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Record Numbers of College Applications

Current high school students have probably heard the news: more and more students are applying to the nation’s top colleges and universities, which means the admissions rates keep getting lower and lower. According to the Harvard Admissions Office, 39,041 students applied to the class of 2020, the largest number ever. Of these, just over 5% […]

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The New SAT: Good News and Bad News


When the first “new SAT” test was administered in 2016, many counselors and test tutors advised students to choose the tried-and-true ACT over the new, untested SAT. But if you’re applying for college next year, there is now more information about the new SAT test to help guide your decision.



There were a few minor mishaps […]

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Why take the PSAT?

Short for Preliminary SAT, the PSAT is administered to sophomores and juniors every October across the nation. While it is not officially a factor on the college application, there are many reasons for sophomores and juniors to take it, and to take it seriously. Here are just a few:

You’ll have a chance at a prestigious […]

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Important announcement about the ISEE

The Independent School Entrance Exam. Used by many prestigious independent schools in Los Angeles to evaluate their applicants, the ISEE is considered by many to be one of the most competitive assessment tests for students under the age of eighteen. The ISEE not only covers content well beyond what most would consider grade-appropriate material, it […]

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My Impression of the New SAT (SPOILER ALERT: it was easier!)

Many of you may be curious about the newly redesigned SAT. There are plenty of blogs and resources out there which go over all of the changes announced by the College Board. These are all very useful, but nothing quite beats seeing the actual test itself and experiencing it firsthand. In order to better understand […]

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Which ISEE section matters most?

There are a lot of rumors floating around about which section on the ISEE is the most relevant to schools when considering admissions applications. Some educators profess that the Reading Comprehension section is the most important since reading skills translate across multiple subjects. Others indicate that the Quantitative Reasoning section is more crucial because it […]

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What is the CHSPE? And Should My Kid Take It?

What is the CHSPE? Is it the same the GED? Will I still need to finish high school? When can I take the CHSPE?

Students and parents can easily get confused about what this test entails, why they should take it, and when they can take it. Let’s look at some basic information about the […]

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