Important announcement about the ISEE

NEW ANNOUNCEMENT! The Independent School Entrance Exam. Used by many prestigious independent schools in Los Angeles to evaluate their applicants, the ISEE is considered by many to be one of the most competitive assessment tests for students under the age of eighteen. The ISEE not only covers content well beyond what most would consider grade-appropriate [...]

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My Impression of the New SAT (SPOILER ALERT: it was easier!)

The New SAT. How does it really compare? Many of you may be curious about the newly redesigned SAT. There are plenty of blogs and resources out there which go over all of the changes announced by the College Board. These are all very useful, but nothing quite beats seeing the actual test itself and [...]

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Which ISEE section matters most?

Which section is the most important? There are a lot of rumors floating around about which section on the ISEE is the most relevant to schools when considering admissions applications. Some educators profess that the Reading Comprehension section is the most important since reading skills translate across multiple subjects. Others indicate that the Quantitative Reasoning [...]

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What is the CHSPE? And Should My Kid Take It?

What is the CHSPE? What is the CHSPE? Is it the same the GED? Will I still need to finish high school? When can I take the CHSPE? Students and parents can easily get confused about what this test entails, why they should take it, and when they can take it. Let’s look at some [...]

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How Far in Advance Should I Study for the ACT?

When Should I Study? Three weeks? Three months? A year? What amount of time is long enough to study for the ACT? Like most questions dealing with the ACT, the answers vary according to your situation. Different students need different plans based on their skill levels, educational goals, and time available. Here are four steps [...]

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Can the ACT Aspire Predict Your ACT Score?

ACT Aspire The ACT or the ACT Aspire? Are they the same exam? If not, which test are you supposed to take and when? How do you get a good score? Which one will get you into college? Let’s explore the relationship between the ACT and the ACT Aspire to resolve the confusion about these [...]

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3 Skills Tested on the New 2016 SAT

NEW 2016 SAT The new SAT will start in March 2016. This test will include more real world problems that relate to what you have learned in high school and what you will apply in college. There is no longer a penalty for wrong answers. Also, the total score will again be out of 1600, [...]

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Important GMAT Test Dates for 2016

2016 Test Dates The GMAT is administered year-round, so, unlike other standardized tests, you can take it at almost any time. However, test dates and times fill up quickly, especially during MBA admissions season. As with the rest of your business school application, planning ahead of time is key. Here are three timelines for [...]

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Should you apply to B-school Round 3 or next year?

B-School Apps For many business schools, Round 3 is the most competitive cycle for applications, meaning, there are many applicants and few available seats. At top full-time programs, the majority of acceptances happen in Round 1 or Round 2. So, if you haven’t submitted your application in the first two rounds, then when should [...]

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The New ACT Writing Test (2015)

The NEW ACT Writing In September 2015, the ACT introduced a new writing test on the exam. Now 40 minutes long instead of 30 minutes long, the new ACT writing test measures your skill in composing a persuasive essay in which you analyze a complex prompt. The essay is scored from 1 to 36, [...]

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