Introduction to the ISEE

A Brief Introduction to the ISEE What is the ISEE? The ISEE is a test required as part of the application to many independent schools. It is administered by the Educational Records Bureau. How much does it “count”? The test is one factor in the school’s admissions process, but some [...]

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Who’s Afraid of the SAT Essay?

Writing the SAT essay seems to be a daunting experience for some students, even if they have consistently aced every other section of the test. Judging from our own SAT tutoring experience with a wide range of students, there seem to be three reasons for students’ anxieties regarding the Essay:       Anxiety 1: [...]

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Redesigned SAT, Again!

College Board President, David Coleman, announcing planned changes to the SAT! The SAT has changed once again, and this time the changes will be substantial. The last time the SAT had substantial changes was in 2005, when the College Board changed the score scale from 1600 to 2400. The primary [...]

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5 Questions With Paul Bodine

Paul Bodine, Founder of Paul Bodine Admissions Consulting Paul Bodine has been helping MBA candidates get into the nation’s most elite business schools for over 15 years. He is also the author of several authoritative professional school admissions books including Great Applications for Business School, which received GMAT Club’s “Best [...]

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5 Questions with Stephanie Klein Wassink

Stephanie Klein Wassink, Founder of Stephanie Klein Wassink is a college admissions expert and the founder of, a service that allows students to run their applications by three former admissions officers before they submit them, and Winning Applications, a college consulting firm. Based in Connecticut, Stephanie has over [...]

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5 Questions with Susan Goodkin

Susan Goodkin, Executive Director of the California Learning Strategies Center Susan Goodkin is a national college consultant and Executive Director of the California Learning Strategies Center, where she advises on college admissions for Ivy League universities and other highly selective schools. Susan is a graduate of Harvard University, Harvard Law [...]

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