Lindsey Y.


Throughout my life, I have lived in many places, but my home state is Alaska. I got my degree from the University of Alaska, then set out trying to find a place for myself. Eventually, I found a very happy home in LA. In my free time, I enjoy trying new restaurants with my partner, learning Spanish, and spending time with my pet chinchilla.


I have been a private tutor for around 8 years, working with students from elementary through undergraduate college level. This includes typical content tutoring for students, but it has also manifested in many forms: assisting parents in homeschooling their elementary-age children, helping non-traditional students study for math placement exams into college, and teaching organization skills to overwhelmed students. Also in college, I was a TA for Differential Geometry and a tutor for the UAA Math Department.


My tutoring style adapts to each student that I work with, because every student is different. I find that some students want to learn all of the theory and context behind material, while others want to learn how to apply the material to real-life problems. By figuring out which area a student falls into, I gain insight into the best way for them to learn and understand the material. Either way, I remind them that I am here to help them—they are not here to impress me—so asking questions is always encouraged.

Lindsey Y.