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Colored pencils on green and yellow table

Executive Functioning: How To Help With Organization

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In a world full of electronic devices, online schooling, and digital homework portals it’s no wonder that students are finding it hard to stay organized. This is where executive function skills become the crucial piece in helping your child find success. Executive functioning is “the mental processes that enable us to plan, focus attention, remember…

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College Essay Examples: Effective Techniques

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When writing college application essays it’s easy to FREAK OUT. So how do you summarize your life for a board of admission? How do you finish your last year on a high note while simultaneously writing 20 supplemental college essays? 1. ORGANIZE Take it from the high school senior who didn’t…don’t miss a deadline for…

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Whiteboard on yellow wall with four Expo markers and eraser

ISEE Test Prep for Parents: How should you prepare for your child’s ISEE test

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1. Breathe You’ve made it this far. You have decided that your child deserves a great education. Now the work begins. Ideally, you’ve been anticipating this test preparation for a while. If you’re one of the many families that has not been expecting this your entire life, then you’re with the crowd. Most parents make…

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