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Religious Affiliation
Co-Ed or Single Sex

At Wise School, through depth, complexity, and differentiation, our students learn how to learn. Children build knowledge as they ask questions, research, solve problems, and add layers to their understanding. Through the application of creativity, children voice their independence, expand their minds, and work towards achieving their greatest potential. Students become creators instead of consumers; they focus more on the process than the product. Our students experience wholeness by making interdisciplinary connections through the development of mind, body, and soul. We recognize each student’s strengths and contributions as we build an inclusive community. We honor our Jewish faith as a living heritage, begin to develop a deep understanding of and commitment to Israel, and develop proficiency in and appreciation of the Hebrew language. At Wise School, thoughtful people inspire meaningful actions in order to make great happen through acts of tikkun olam “repair of the world”.

Our Mission
Hollywood Schoolhouse knows, values, and encourages fearless curiosity. Through a blended program of innovative academics and structured learning, our diverse community inspires students to be academically strong, artistically proud, physically active, and socially grounded.


Our school was founded in 1953 by educators with a visionary educational philosophy focused on teaching the “Total Child.” Our founders recognized the importance of social, emotional, and physical development in children’s ability to learn, as well as the need to engage children in interactive learning experiences. Rooted in this tradition, we provide children with a challenging, integrated academic curriculum, character-based education, and diverse enrichment and athletic opportunities in a nurturing environment. At Laurence, we value curiosity, aiming to develop creative thinkers, future leaders, and lifelong learners. Everything from our STEAM program to our performing arts program is geared towards teaching students beginning at age five, and the skills and lessons are designed to spiral up through the grades, building our students into confident, well-rounded, young adults who matriculate to select middle schools in the Los Angeles area.


Sinai Akiba Academy is an innovative, academically rigorous Jewish Day School (toddler-8th grade) in West LA, rooted in core Jewish values. Our school engages students in the joy and discipline of learning. We nurture a community of ethical, critical thinkers who, shaped by our evolving Jewish tradition, walk through the world with confidence and humility.


The Willows Community School, where great minds grow, is a Developmental Kindergarten to 8th grade co-ed, independent school, enrolling 465 students from 58+ zip codes. Recognized as a balanced, progressive educational leader, the academic program incorporates experiential learning, thematic instruction, and social emotional learning into cutting-edge curriculum. Design thinking, maker and the arts are integrated into the classroom. The broad-based student body has a diversity of race, ethnicity, socioeconomics and learning styles; 33% of our student body identify as students of color. The Willows believes each child brings our community an extraordinary gift: a curious mind, ready to explore and eager to learn. The Willows’ definition of a great mind also includes an emphasis on character and heart–the ability to communicate honestly, work collaboratively, take responsibility, and contribute meaningfully to the community.


Loyola High School of Los Angeles is rooted in the Catholic faith and Jesuit tradition, promoting brotherhood, inquiry, spirituality and a passion for learning. Its social, economic and ethnic diversity creates a rich, vibrant community. Students from over 200 zip codes travel daily to the campus, which is centrally located near downtown. The student/faculty ratio is 22:1, ensuring that every student receives the personal attention needed to excel.


At Polytechnic School, our name conveys both a sense of our history and of our philosophical base. Polytechnic literally means “many arts,” and since 1907, Poly has been a place where students become multi-talented, intellectually ambitious citizens of the world. As a K-12 school, we are able to create a coordinated sequence of learning across all grades and developmental stages. Our Lower, Middle, and Upper School programs provide continuity for students and allow Poly teachers to invest deeply in each child’s progress over the long term. Our graduates leave Poly ready to fulfill the promise of their own talents and to lead meaningful, purposeful lives.


For the past 70 years Laurel Hall School, a ministry of Emmanuel Lutheran Church, has provided an enriched, project-based learning curriculum designed to inspire students while educating their hearts and minds. The teaching and learning environment at Laurel Hall School is best described as a collaborative and academically rigorous one that promotes healthy social and emotional growth. We are a child-centered school and our educational philosophy is exemplified by our school mission, which is to “Welcome all people, striving to love, teach, and serve through Christ”. Our students are well-rounded and confident in their creative endeavors. Laurel Hall graduates are always accepted to the top high schools in Southern California. More importantly, Laurel Hall students are infinitely successful upon matriculation from our school.


Buckley students receive comprehensive liberal art and college preparatory experience, including requirements in the arts and participation in ethical education programs. Students must commit to growing academically and embracing challenges. Buckley’s core values include respect, kindness, honesty, loyalty, self-discipline, and self-reliance. These values are embedded in the curriculum and are the heart of the school community. The campus includes serene outdoor spaces and bright classrooms full of natural lighting. Art, multiculturalism, service learning, athletics, and STEAM all play crucial roles in helping Buckley students find joy in their education and in life.


Wildwood School cultivates reflective scholars, bold innovators and compassionate leaders equipped with the skills, ethics, and inspiration to transform their world. Multiculturalism is a core value of the school and it offers students a nurturing and inclusive environment in which to discover their social identity and understand others. Community service and STEM are integrated into the curriculum. Upper school students have the opportunity to study abroad in the International Community Involvement program and also have access to the impressive Wildwood Institute for STEM Research and Development (WISRD), the Wildwood Institute for Incubation and Entrepreneurship (WIE) and Wildwood Institute for Social Leadership (WISL).

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