Jake O.

Wesleyan University
B.A. in Literature

Jeff O.

UC Berkeley
B.S. in Political Economies of Natural Resources

Jeff R.

B.S. In Mathematics

Jeremy C.

Columbia University
B.A. In Music & Creative Writing

Josh O.

UC Irvine
M.F.A. In Acting

Kassie J.

Purdue University
M.S. In Mathematics

Maurice W.

Columbia University
B.A. in Economics & Mathematics

Michael L.

University Of California, Los Angeles
B.S. In Biochemistry

Nomongo D.

Johns Hopkins University
B.A. in Biophysics

Puja M.

University Of California, Los Angeles
M.F.A. In Film And Video Production

Rachel D.

Dartmouth College
B.E. In Mechanical Engineering

Shellby B.

University Of Alabama
B.S. In Chemical And Biological Engineering

Theo P.

Princeton University
B.A. In Music Composition

Theresa B

New York University
B.F.A. w/ Honors in Acting

Wendy I.

University Of Minnesota
M.S. In Biological Science

Yong M.

Columbia University
B.A. in Mathematics