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LA Tutors only works with highly experienced, professional, veteran tutors who have a proven track record of success. Our individualized approach has helped countless students achieve the academic and test prep goals of their dreams.

Jeremy C.

Columbia University
B.A. In Music & Creative Writing
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Joann S.

Rasmussen College
Early Childhood Education Certification
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Josh O.

UC Irvine
M.F.A. In Acting
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Kassie J.

Purdue University
M.S. In Mathematics
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Kayla U.

California State University, Fullerton
M.S. in Reading and Literacy (in progress)
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Kelsey L.

University of San Francisco
M.A. in Education
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Kim G.

Miami University (Ohio)
B.A. in Psychology

Lu L.

University of Michigan
B.A. in Music
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Matt D.

Claremont University
M.A. In Psychology and Statistics
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Maurice W.

Columbia University
B.A. in Economics & Mathematics
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Michael L.

University Of California, Los Angeles
B.S. In Biochemistry
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Nadine C.

University Of Paris
M.A. In French Literature
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Nicole R.

American College of Education
M.A. in Elementary Education (in progress)
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Nomongo D.

Johns Hopkins University
B.A. in Biophysics
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